TENSA-GRIP Type RB expansion joints comprise a modular system of steel joints. On the basis of a selected standard type, project-specific solutions can be easily constructed by the addition of optional elements such as finger plates on the surface or drainage channel beneath. TENSA-GRIP Type RB expansion joints can accommodate movements of up to 80mm, and their design allows their sealing profiles to be replaced without impacting on the adjoining structural elements.


The TENSA-GRIP Type RB expansion joint is a well-engineered and well-proven system which is used in the construction of parking decks, shopping centres, industrial structures, logistics centres and bridges. It is used to reliably seal movement joints In both new construction and renovation works.

Image gallery

  • TENSA-GRIP-RB-img2

    TENSA-GRIP RB Typ 50, ready for shipment

  • TENSA-GRIP-RB-img1

    TENSA-GRIP RB Typ 50/4SB combined with drainage channel

  • TENSA-GRIP-RB-img3

    TENSA-GRIP RB Typ 50/4 SB, W construction on footbridge