MULTIFIX – bonding and sealing material


MULTIFIX is a group of adhesive and sealing materials which, with moisture, harden to form an elastic product. They are made from silyl modified polymers (SMP) and offer a number of advantages over adhesive and sealing materials based on acrylate, polyurethane or silicone. These include excellent resistance to chemicals, very low shrinkage, wide adhesion spectrum, and excellent resistance to temperature, weathering and ageing. Their special compositions enable all MULTIFIX types to achieve excellent adhesion to lightly dampened surfaces. Depending on viscosity and processing method, some types can even be applied under water.


MULTIFIX can be used to seal joints which are subjected to particularly high mechanical loading, such as in industrial plant and pavements. Thanks to its high resistance to chemicals, MULTIFIX is particularly suitable for use in areas which are exposed to chemicals. Even fresh, MULTIFIX achieves excellent adhesion, and is thus immediately effective in holding the structural parts together.

Image gallery

  • FIX-O-FLEX-img1

    Application of MULTIFIX Type H

  • FIX-O-FLEX-img2

    Application of MULTIFIX Type VG

  • FIX-O-FLEX-img3

    Sealing of a formwork anchor

  • FIX-O-FLEX-img4

    Cracks in a facade