Noise protection mats – ROBO-MUTE


The mageba ROBO-MUTE system reduces the noise which is generated by traffic in crossing an expansion joint and transmitted from beneath the joint. A mat of layered membranes forms a channel beneath the joint, trapping noise and directing it towards the channel’s ends, where its intensity is reduced by noise-absorbing padding.


ROBO-MUTE can be used in combination with all types of mageba expansion joints, and is particularly useful on bridges in residential areas and other noise-sensitive zones.

        Image gallery

        • ROBO-CISILENT-img1

          ROBO-MUTE, connected to the bridge concrete at each side and with an end piece

        • ROBO-CISILENT-img2

          A loose end piece of the ROBO-MUTE system

        • ROBO-CISILENT-img3

          ROBO-MUTE connected to the expansion joint in the factory

        • ROBO-CISILENT-img4

          End piece

        • ROBO-CISILENT-img5

          Connection by means of wing nuts

        • ROBO-CISILENT-img6

          Noise measurement in the abutment

        • ROBO-CISILENT-img7

          Noise measurement outside the abutment