Skid protection – ROBO-GRIP


mageba ROBO-GRIP is an anti-skid surfacing, consisting of 5 layers of low-viscosity resin and high-friction additive. It can be used to create durable roughness on the surface of TENSA-MODULAR expansion joints, preventing skidding of vehicles in wet conditions.


ROBO-GRIP is particularly suited for use on very large modular expansion joints on bridges in locations where heavy rainfall is experienced, and on bridges where frequent braking of vehicles on the joint is to be expected (e.g. due to a nearby toll plaza).

      Image gallery

      • ROBO-GRIP-img1

        ROBO-GRIP anti-skid surfacing

      • ROBO-GRIP-img2

        A TENSA-MODULAR Type LR expansion joint with anti-skid surfacing

      • ROBO-GRIP-img3

        Modular expansion joint featuring ROBO-GRIP, prior to installation