Preloaded Spring Dampers – RESTON-PSD


mageba RESTON-PSD Preloaded Spring Dampers are designed to dissipate seismic energy in structures, limiting and damping the movements that arise between parts of a structure during an earthquake. Under normal circumstances they act as a fixed connection, preventing movements until a defined preload has been exceeded.


RESTON-PSD Preloaded Spring Dampers can be used in the construction of new structures, or to enhance an existing structure’s strength and resistance to seismic forces. On bridges, they are installed directly between the bridge deck and its piers.

Image gallery

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    Sealing system

  • RESTON-PSD-img2

    Manufacturing of a RESTON-PSD device

  • RESTON-PSD-img3

    Preloaded spring damper in service

  • RESTON-PSD-img4

    Steel bridge equipped with PSD dampers