Lead Rubber Bearings – LASTO-LRB


mageba LASTO-LRB Lead Rubber Bearings isolate a structure from the movements of the ground during an earthquake and thus limit the seismic energy acting on the structure. They are similar to regular reinforced elastomeric bearings with steel connection plates, but feature a lead core. This core will undergo plastic deformation during an earthquake, generating heat and dissipating the seismic energy.


LASTO-LRB Lead Rubber Bearings can be used in the construction of new structures, or to enhance an existing structure’s strength and resistance to seismic forces. Under normal conditions, they function as regular deformation bearings, and are thus particularly suitable for structures with limited space availability, where the installation of separate bearings and seismic protection systems is not possible.

    • LASTO®LRB type test acc. to EN 15129

    Image gallery

    • LASTO-LRB-img1

      Schematic view (cutaway) of a LASTO-LRB bearing

    • LASTO-LRB-img2

      LASTO-LRB bearing ready for installation

    • LASTO-LRB-img3

      Testing of a LASTO-LRB bearing

    • LASTO-LRB-img4

      Assembling of LASTO-LRB bearings

    • LASTO-LRB-img5

      Viaduct de Chillon, Switzerland - retrofitted with LASTO-LRB bearings