“Box-in-box” method for renewal of modular joints


The mageba “box-in-box” method enables modular expansion joints to be replaced without any impact on the bridge’s structure. The substructure of the existing expansion joint is left in place, and a new joint is installed on top of it, with the support bar boxes of the new joint designed to fit into those of the existing one.


The “box-in-box” method is especially suitable when modular expansion joints are to be replaced with minimum impact on the bridge structure and in the quickest possible time.

        Image gallery

        • Kasten-in-Kasten-img1

          Old 3-gap expansion joint after removal of asphalt and waterproofing membrane at each side

        • Kasten-in-Kasten-img2

          Cutting to enable the support bars of the old joint to be lifted out

        • Kasten-in-Kasten-img3

          Substructure after cleaning

        • Kasten-in-Kasten-img4

          New expansion joint during installation, after connection to the structure

        • Kasten-in-Kasten-img5

          Renewal of a 2-gap modular joint almost completed

        • Kasten-in-Kasten-img6

          Traffic management during renewal of a joint in phases