Mobile structural analysis tool – ROBO-CONTROL Portable


mageba ROBO-CONTROL Portable is a mobile, easily deployable structural analysis tool. It uses selected sensors to measure the variables that affect a structure’s condition and performance, such as loading, deformations and vibrations. The high frequency of the measurements enables a large volume of data to be generated in a short time. The on-site measurement and storage of data makes data transmission to a remote server unnecessary.


ROBO-CONTROL Portable is suitable for cases where short-term evaluation of measures is required, either in relation to an existing structure or when a new one is under construction. This can relate, for example, to the adjustment of tension in hanger cables or the determination of structural adaptations to a static system.

      • ROBO®CONTROL Monitoring Systems

      • ROBO®CONTROL Monitoring Project "Gleisbogen-Bridge, Zurich, Switzerland"

      Image gallery

      • ROBO-CONTROL-Portable-img1

        Acceleration sensor (3D), installed to determine dynamic characteristics

      • ROBO-CONTROL-Portable-img2

        Temperature sensor connected to steel structure

      • ROBO-CONTROL-Portable-img3

        Equipment of a "Portable" system

      • ROBO-CONTROL-Portable-img4

        Ease of use of the “Portable” system

      • ROBO-CONTROL-Portable-img5

        Immediate viewing of measured data on a laptop computer