Successful Olympic Games in Sochi




The last set of medals has been presented and the Olympic flame is gone out. But not for long – from March 7th to 16th, the Paralympics take place in Sochi.

As the athletes are fighting again for medals, mageba products are also on duty in Sochi. In Esto-Sadok, a district of Sochi, the “” jumping centre, with two ski jumps, was built. A “connection-bridge”, forming part of the landing-area and the start/finish area for the Nordic Combination (ski jumping and cross-country skiing), is supported by special spherical uplift bearings. The solution satisfies the demanding requirements of the structure’s complex dynamic loading conditions - alternating downward and uplift forces, and horizontal forces of both a short-term and long-term nature, caused, for example, by spectators and performing athletes.RusSki-Gorki
mageba structural bearings are also in service at another important location for those attending the Olympics: Due to the fact that Sochi is in a seismically active area, the seismic safety of the access bridge () to the main railway station in Adler, Sochi, is ensured by eight lead rubber bearings (LRB). These measures are necessary to ensure safety, even during an earthquake.Esplanada

mageba – supporting not only the Swiss Olympians in Sochi, but also the many other athletes and spectators that use the structures that rely on our bearings.