Minimising vibrations from machines

Possible approaches

Generators, pumps, printing machines, rock crushing plant, steel milling machines and punching/stamping machines are typical examples of plant that can cause bothersome vibrations and noise. Well-proven approaches to damping these vibrations and tackling the associated noise are illustrated in Figures 1 to 3.


A low natural frequency of the supported system is critical for successful isolation. At the same time, the cause of vibrations and the requirements for the vibration isolation solution must also be considered, as must the loading level during start-up and running down of the plant. With the well-proven products of the VIBRAX® line, mageba can offer effective solutions for every set of requirements, whether simple or complex. Please refer to the product overview for further information about the individual products.
Our specialists will be happy to assist you in specifying well-suited damping systems for specific situations or machine types.

We help you to find the right solution

To achieve effective vibration isolation of machines, the following should be considered:

  • As a result of the low horizontal stiffness of the damping products, supported machines may move back and forth. In extreme cases this may lead to “wandering” of the machine.

  • The transition between isolated and non-isolated sections of floor requires a solution. For this, mageba offers a range of expansion joint products which are suitable even for heavy traffic such as fork-lift trucks and other lifting plant.

  • Machines which are located on both damped and non-damped floor areas also require a suitable isolation solution.

  • Water must be prevented from getting into the damping materials because, being incompressible, it would reduce their effectiveness.

  • Over-compression of the damping material or rotation of the machine can negatively influence the operation of the machine or the functioning of the isolation system.

mageba has in-depth experience in such matters, and is pleased to put this at your disposal.

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Vibration isolation system, using concrete blocks to provide mass, for a newspaper printing press (concept as shown in Figure 3)


Point bearings directly under the machine


Continuous and/or point bearings beneath a foundation slab on which the machine is located


Continuous (or combined continuous/point) bearing support under a sunk machine foundation