Bearings for concrete and masonry constructions

Bearings prevent structural damage

The role of bearings

Displacements and deformations arising in structures (due to thermal changes, shrinkage, creep etc.) cause inadvertent and uncontrollable constraints and forces during the buildings service life, unless bearings are properly used.
The resulting loads affect the static system and may, with excessive application of force and eccentricities, overload the building materials. Building damage such as cracking and spalling may result.


  • Introduce loads centrally

  • Absorb angle rotations from deflection of the components, without increased edge pressure

  • Permit horizontal movements as smoothly as possible

  • Accommodate any unevenness and manufacturing tolerances

  • Thermal isolation

  • Reduce sound transmission

The load-carrying capacity of a bearing is determined by the material and the design of the bearing core, the sliding pairing and the substructure.

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