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Punktlager Tabelle (English)

Pre-selection of the point bearing type

1. Selection of the required load-carrying capacity ①
(Example: Fz = 235kN, A= 140x140mm)
σz = 235:1402 = 12N/mm2
2. Selection of the required horizontal deformation capacity ②
(Example: vx,y = 40mm)
3. Selection of the required bearing type from the diagram ③

Punktlager Diagramm1 (English)

4. Determine rotation capacity from the second diagram ①/④
(Example: αerf = 2.5%)
Intersection ⑤ is below the rotation boundary line for the LASTO®FLONPAD GP9
→ condition fulfilled
5. Check the rotation capacity of the selected bearing with the help of the product brochure

Punktlager Diagramm2 (English)

Non-standard designs

mageba can design and manufacture bearings to satisfy all conceivable load and movement demands. Of course, all relevant project requirements will be considered.

Further information

Please refer to the appropriate product brochure for detailed information about individual products.