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Deckenlager Tabelle (English)

Selection of slab bearing type

1. Selection of the required load-carrying capacity ①
(Example: 350 kN/m)
2. Selection of the required horizontal deformation capacity ②
(Example: 10mm)
3. Selection of the required bearing type from the diagram ③

Deckenlager Diagramm1 (English)

4. Check rotation capacity from the second diagram ①/④
5. Selection of the bearing with a load capacity higher than the requirement ① from the product information
(Example: with wall width 175mm → LASTO®STRIP LS 720-175)

Deckenlager Diagramm2 (English)

Non-standard designs

Designs with eccentrically arranged or several cores and further useful information can be found in the individual product brochures.

Further information

Detailed information about the individual products can be found in the appropriate product brochures.