A common refurbishment though remarkable



Since April 2018 mageba has been involved in the refurbishment of the road bridge over the Linth canal (Weesen, Switzerland). The renovation had been decided after an inspection and technical assessment of the bridge in 2016.

mageba is carrying out the lifting of the bridge for the bearing replacement, the installation of new and additional bearings combined with a supporting construction to redistribute loads as well as the installation of new expansion joints.

In order to redistribute and relieve the loads from the old Gerber Joint, a steel lever construction is prepared and is hung on tension anchors as shown in the technical drawing below. It is centrally supported by a RESTON®Steel Point bearing as the pivot point, with a RESTON®BLOCK deformation bearing between the lever and the underside of the bridge deck. A RESTON®POT Lift Control bearing is installed at the other end of the steel lever, and when raised, the loads are transferred into the steel lever and thereby redistributed.

Furthermore mageba replaces the old linear rocker bearings (installed in 1966) with new linear rocker bearings of the same design, while new RESTON®SPHERICAL bearings are installed in place of the old roller bearings.

Finally, the expansion joints are replaced by noise reduced single gap joints TENSA®GRIP RS-LS100 of the latest design according to ETA032. These are some of the first expansion joints in Switzerland with mageba’s new forged and hot dip galvanized sinus elements.

Some pictures from the project:

  • News-Linthkanal-Bridge-lever-principe-Weesen

    The technical design is showing how the lever is constructed

  • News-Linthkanal-Bridge-Weesen

    Linth canal, Weesen, Switzerland

  • News-Linthkanal-Bridge-Inspection-Weesen

    Inspection of an old linear rocker bearing installed in 1966

  • News-Linthkanal-Bridge-inspection-expansion-joint-Weesen

    Old expansion joint during inspection back in 2016

  • News-Linthkanal-Bridge-new-linear-rocker-bearing-Weesen

    Replaced linear rocker bearing

  • News-Linthkanal-Bridge-pot-bearing-Weesen

    A RESTON®POT Lift Control bearing during injection is lifting the bridge

  • News-Linthkanal-Bridge-spherical-bearing-Weesen

    One of the new RESTON®SPHERICAL bearings replacing the old roller bearing

  • News-Linthkanal-Bridge-installation-singel-gap-expansion-joint-Weesen

    New TENSA®GRIP RS-LS expansion joints being installed

  • News-Linthkanal-Bridge-singel-gap-expansion-joints-sinus-plates-Weesen

    Anchored single gap expansion joint with noise-reducing sinus plates